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Solubrious’ 300% renewable servers allow for guilt-less social activity that tackles climate action through gamification, story-telling and a punk attitude. Earn points in your team to climb the ranks and the leaderboard. Perform eco-actions in Groups which earn you Dews. Navigate to ‘Activity‘ to view what fellow Sols have been up to for inspiration. Join the marketplace to help local industry.

about us

Our mission

Solubrious is the convergence of many ideas. We take inspiration from Solarpunk values of nature, technology and aesthetics coming together to drive change. And in the end, this is what we believe we can do together. Make a change!

We value the open sharing of information, honest interactions with fellow human beings (known as Sols in our storyworld) and a motivating group to work with.

We are also informed by the concept of the German ‘Pfand’ system where individuals collect bottles and return them for cash, creating circularity. We thought, what if groups were able to determine for themselves what environmental actions they thought were important to attend to and they were able to receive sustainable rewards as a result? Not monetary rewards but experiential like games, comics, videos, music and other unlockables to do with people and planet?

Our mission, therefore, is to open up the mind to endless possibilities of a life aligned with the needs of the planet. There is community, opportunity, creativity, coalition-building, optimistic visions of the future and a bit of a punk attitude to keep things in perspective.

To cap things off we have the anti-Amazon of marketplaces where digital tools for building local industry are provided to users on the marketplace – saving users time in learning about new paths for careers in a Greener world with business-in-a-box solutions.

about us

Our Team

We are a core group of students based in Germany at the Hochschule Rhine-Waal. Formed in the Enactus student social entrepreneurship group, we were able to build with their support. We were shortly after in receipt of the Grunderstipendium fund from the North-Rhine Westphalia region as well as the Best Idea Cup at Hochschule Rhine-Waal. The project has been built with little more than $4,000, showing that with grit and persistence, we all have the power to create exponential change in our area. Modern tools and services are opening up avenues for the Solarpunk future we imagine together and Solubrious aims to prove this.

How it works

Upload a social post related to people and planet, add a category rather than a #hashtag then post to receive your points in your moderated group. Every post is hosted on GreenGeeks’ 300% renewable servers so even if you have a cheater’s group for giggles, you’re still helping the planet!

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You can also get points for getting friends to sign up and join your group to engage in social and ecological activity together.


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The anti-Amazon marketplace – a vendor dashboard for listing business-in-a-box solutions for local Green industry.

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